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Virtual Wife: the result of the Internet Sex Experiment

My virtual sex wife.Absence makes the cock grow harder. Isn’t that how the saying goes? If not, it should.

Mrs. X and I are still spending most of our time in separate cities, but this summer we got to spend a couple of months in the same bed, and catch up on adventures. In recent months she’d discovered the Internet. By that I mean she’d discovered the excitement of meeting erotic strangers at the click of a mouse.

She’d been dared by Mr. X to put up some sexy photos on an adult encounters site. She’d chatted a bit with a few men and women who looked particularly sexy with their clothes mostly off. And one night, with a proud smile that was also the slightest bit guilty, she told me all about it, and about a few of the people she had met. Of course there was no reason for her to feel guilty. As she sat there behind her laptop, I would have been thrilled if secret admirers had reached out through the screen to caress her thighs. Continue reading Virtual Wife: the result of the Internet Sex Experiment

Friday Fantasy: Volleyballing

Shower nudeHere’s a filthy erotic volleyball fantasy from reader andrewflemming, posted recently in the site’s Your Fantasies Group. Let him know your thoughts in the comments section, and enjoy!

We had just finished our final game of volleyball. Despite being 6’4″, I was absolutely miserable at it; I had the jumping capability of an orca and all the coordination of a blind Schnauzer. However, even though I had been put to shame by my friends, I’d still had an absolute blast: eventually I just gave up trying and accepted that all I knew how to do in volleyball was make a fool out of myself. So I did. I joked around, flopped on the ground, and performed all sorts of ridiculous maneuvers to try and get her to notice me.

The ”her” in question was Amber, a gorgeous blond who was a volleyball pro at my high school. Although her volleyball friends had no patience for my antics, she laughed at them, and I flushed at the thought of her noticing me. Continue reading Friday Fantasy: Volleyballing

Friday Fantasy: The scream that had been there from the start

Naked sidewalkHere’s a hard-edged cafe fantasy with a technological twist from sexy reader lake, posted recently in the site’s Your Fantasies Group. Let her know your thoughts in the comments section, and enjoy!

Sitting at a bar stool in a café. Watching the drone of New Yorkers walk by through the window one foot in front of her face, she is feeling bored. She is feeling irreverent and disconnected. She needs a distraction. She straightens her back and lets her knees fall open. Her skirt is far too short to make this decent. It seems like an impossibly long time before she sees someone make the first double take. He keeps walking, and she smirks and mumbles to herself, “Lemming.” There are others that follow, various versions of the same thing.

Then there is Charles. Unlike the others he’s not in a suit or even a dress shirt. He is all European casual, and when he notices her, his face lights up, his pace and his stride shift, and he meets her eyes. She grins a positively devilish grin; he is aglow as he walks straight towards her. He presses his hands against the glass and pretends to swoon. She laughs out loud and gives him a real smile this time, a happy, amused, ‘thank God you’re making this interesting’ smile. Continue reading Friday Fantasy: The scream that had been there from the start

Friday Fantasy: Adding Lexi

nude-on-bedHere’s a brave and erotic threesome fantasy from sexy reader Mallory, posted recently in the site’s Your Fantasies Group. Let her know your thoughts in the comments section, and enjoy!

It figured that when I finally got to live out my top-of-the-list fantasy, my flight was delayed.

It was after two in the morning when I arrived at the hotel. I quietly entered the one bedroom suite. Exhausted slumber filled the stillness. The inner bathroom light gave a slight illumination as my eyes adjusted and focused on the familiar nude body of my husband, Paul, spooning the petite, lithe body. Her head tucked under his chin. Clothes strewn about. Their bodies glued together, until Paul’s low little snore shifted him. I watched the motion of his arm as his hand kneaded her breast briefly before it traveled down the line of her torso, dipped into the valley of her waist, raised to caress the curve of her hip. They shifted together slightly until his mouth rested on the top of her head and his hand moved over the crest of her butt cheek. My breathing paused as she pulled closer to him in response to his touch and the weightless, slow motion with which his hand stroked and caressed her skin, firing off those sensory afferents. As familiar as I was with Paul’s touch, seeing him touch her skin drugged my own sensations, and arousal. His touch, oh his touch. His skin would be barely in contact with me, and I would be whimpering with wanting him deep inside me. Seeing him touch her, his palm gliding over her taut, radiant skin, his body wrapping hers with his heat. It was like he was fucking through me to get to her. Continue reading Friday Fantasy: Adding Lexi

Virtual Sex: her response to the Internet Sex Experiment

white-upskirtDearest X,

It has been sort of a dry spell (though never, ever dry down there, I promise!) so your dare was a perfect little change to the routine. I was a little nervous about another one of your technology dares – that phone number you had me set up was not exactly a roaring success if you recall – but it turned out to be very easy and so far a lot of fun.

I won’t tell you the site I put my profile up on – coy little me! – but yes I used a few of those sexy photos my husband took last year. Not my face for now, but a couple with me bending over and my curvy little ass in the air, and then a couple of me in this sexy, sheer lingerie. They also have it where you put photos in a private gallery that only people who you give permission can see, and I put some naughtier ones in there. Me with a finger in my pussy, and then one from my neck down to my little red-painted toes with my legs spread and my pussy noticeably wet. Continue reading Virtual Sex: her response to the Internet Sex Experiment

The Internet Sex Experiment

Wife showing herself for internet sex videoSexy, sexy woman,

I’m as obsessed by you as I’ve always been. It’s been awhile since your last e-mail, but in the meantime I’ve been keeping very busy: imagining you touching yourself with blind need as the days grow warmer, imagining your body splayed for other bodies, your lips finding warm breasts, finding large and sleek cocks to wrap themselves around – and I’ve been taking off my clothes too, in wild excitement, imagining you right there in the mirror with me. How dirty has your mind been lately? I’m dying to know.

I don’t know if your husband is still travelling (a circumstance that you can imagine has given me plenty of other ideas), but whatever the case, after our recent back and forth I thought it might be useful to propose a dare that could be accomplished in a few minutes. That could also lead to hours of pleasure if you wish…. Continue reading The Internet Sex Experiment

The Unmarked Door: Our Orgy Experiment

nude orgyNothing dulls like routine, and nowhere is that truth more felt than in the bedroom. Our existence turns in cycles. Sex indicates the life we need to lead, and then life, for a while, indicates the sex we need to have. Our separate selves teach one another about who we’re meant to be.

Sometimes, too, circumstances create the cycles. For a few months now I’ve been mostly working in a European capital, and Mrs. X has been a flight away. We have been in a work cycle, rather than a fuck cycle, a fact she has expressed by e-mail to the mysterious Mr. X. Like old lovers, they exchange occasional messages, and they’ve been slowly playing through an evolving dare that I’ll report soon enough, but for a while, at least, their rhythm has slowed. Fortunately there are airplanes (which she’s made forever sexy to me), and fortunately, after some initial romantic sex when she comes to visit, we’re inclined to dare even more together with the time we’ve got. She’s even been using my address (the mail’s more reliable here than back at home) to upgrade her Chinese balls to jiggle balls and anal beads. The neighbors must hear the screams and look at me suspiciously in the elevator. Continue reading The Unmarked Door: Our Orgy Experiment

Friday Fantasy: Erotic Library

Erotic Library poseHere’s an erotic library fantasy with twist from sexy reader MrTinkertoys, posted this week in the site’s Your Fantasies Group. Let him know your thoughts in the comments section, and enjoy!

The fog had not quite given up its grip on the dew soaked ground of the university campus. It took me back to days when I had been studying there. I had come for a cup of coffee and to catch up with a friend who had taken a faculty position.

As I waited for my friend at the cafe outside the main entrance to the library, I watched the ebb and flow of students as they made their way in and out of the library. Some would stop and grab a cup on their way to their first classes, needing a quick pick up for themselves before a long day of research and study. They would be back in a few hours for more. I always was. Continue reading Friday Fantasy: Erotic Library

Friday Fantasy: Dressing Down

Two lesbians with large breasts play in a dressing roomHere’s a dressing room fantasy with a little domination thrown in from sexy reader Mallory, posted this week in the site’s Your Fantasies Group. Let her know your thoughts in the comments section, and enjoy!

I have been waiting at the restaurant for about five minutes when my statuesque friend Meredith makes her entrance, causing the usual stirs and stares. We see each a few times a year. After we sit down and get some drinks, instead of the usual catching up she starts in on her campaign to recruit me to do a boudoir photo shoot with her. She looks at me with those big, innocent green eyes and pleads with me: “Come on, Mal. You’re the only one I know brave enough to do this, and I need the support. I really want to do this for Sam’s Christmas present. We can go on a shopping spree, get whatever you want, it’ll be on me. Then we can get all made up, dressed up, and get our pictures taken. I bet Adam would love seeing you as a pinup girl, too.” Continue reading Friday Fantasy: Dressing Down

Friday Fantasy: Live Nude Girl, Shy Nude Boy

nude girlHere’s an art fantasy with an unexpected twist from sexy reader lake, posted this week in the site’s Your Fantasies Group. Please let her know your thoughts in the comments section, and enjoy!

I make sure I’m in early for this week’s sketch class since it’s the end of the month and we’ll have a live model tonight. On these nights, I like to pick a seat near the front, but one where I can still watch the door well enough to see the models when they arrive. Something about waiting to see them, and then catching them in their street clothes before class begins and they become stone-faced and all business makes these nights more interesting for me. I can feel the difference now, a twinge of anticipation buzzing along the edge of my focus, anchoring me very squarely in the moment.

When the model does arrive, I feel a quick shot of adrenaline start to course through my system, and there is brightness behind my eyes as I lean to get a clearer view. I have to do a bit of a double take before I am sure she is indeed a ‘she’. She’s tiny, which is the giveaway, but her head is shorn (just a jet black shadow and a hairline around her scalp) and she is dressed all ‘tough girl’, including a thick leather belt and slotted leather wrist cuff. She’s greeted by our teacher, and they laugh about something before she heads into the dressing room. Continue reading Friday Fantasy: Live Nude Girl, Shy Nude Boy