The trees are a part of you (and you are sexy): her response to The Walking Experiment

You are sexy and naked when I fuck you in the bathroomDear Mr. X,

I really liked this dare. You are sexy, you know. But it scared me more than most of the others have, even if it was meant to be easier. Put me at a party and ask me to flirt, and there’s no problem, because that’s what I always do (innocently, of course!). But even though my husband and I have never been at all shy in bed, and absolutely everything is a possibility there, I’m also a bit of a good girl in the sense that I’m still a little bashful when it comes to vocalizing my fantasies. I did it with my friend Mona, but I guess it’s easier for me (not that that was all that easy) if it’s something I can giggle about with a friend. When you’re speaking just for yourself there’s no give and take, and you really can’t pretend that it’s just a game. It’s SERIOUS when you’re alone, X, and I felt like a real serious little schoolgirl.

Anyway, I went for my afternoon walk in the [Park], which I’ve been doing most days to get warm at the end of the day (it’s incredible to me how fast the temperature’s been dropping now when the sun sets). The park is huge, so I’m usually walking alone along that running path, and if there are people around they’re usually just passing by quickly. Even so, it took me quite a bit of walking before I could get my head right and start talking. I had given some thought in advance to what my fantasy might be. I know I’ve told you about the orgy one, and it’s true that in most of my fantasies there are lots of anonymous people doing things with no strings attached, and this one was no different. I’ll get to that, but at first I was just walking and letting the day’s thoughts flit through my head like I do. I don’t know if you’ve ever done any meditation, but sometimes on my walks once all my thoughts have run off through the bushes I can get my brain completely empty until I feel like I’m just part of the landscape. Even though I was nervous about talking aloud, I managed to empty my mind like that. It’s the most peaceful feeling, and you start really seeing the tree branches and hearing the birds chirp. It’s like you don’t even exist. The trees are a part of you and you are a part of the trees. Anyway, that’s how I was feeling – not horny at all, just peaceful – when I began to talk aloud.

I kept it soft at first, but gradually I got a bit more confident and just went along in my normal talking voice. And X, I really HEARD the words. They just sort of floated out there like they were a part of the landscape, like little birds, and then what I was hearing (myself) started to make me breathless. It was so serious and so real, and yes I like to flirt, but it was so terribly exciting for me to express something that nobody else would hear, and when I realized all of that, I really realized how much I wanted the fantasy to be true. So here it is, more or less. I lost myself a bit in the moment, but I’ve tried not to embellish what I said, and the image is still so powerful in my head that it’s pretty close to what I spoke out in the park. Funnily enough, it came out as if I was saying it to you:

I’m sitting in a bar, elegantly dressed in black, with long boots, my hair up in a stylish bun, sipping a drink with a girlfriend. The bar is full of nice-looking people and the music is great. It’s not late at all, but the atmosphere is cool and smoky and sexy, and I feel totally comfortable and confident.

Next to us are a bunch of men having a blast, talking and laughing and drinking, and one of them is looking over, regularly checking me out. He’s attractive, with a nice smile and a glitter in his eye – not strikingly handsome but definitely my type, smart and fun and clean-looking. He’s dressed in the right clothes too, and beautiful, worn cowboy boots beneath long straight legs in tight black pants. His hands are strong and elegant. I keep looking at his hands, when he puts a drink to his mouth, when he puts it back on the bar, and at a certain moment he must notice me looking because he wiggles them, and that makes me chuckle. Needless to say, I play innocent and don’t really look him in the eyes from that point on, but I feel his eyes whenever he turns my way. I’m very conscious of him now, but I force myself to stay focused on my girlfriend, who’s telling a funny story that puts me in an even better mood. When the story is finished, I excuse myself and hop off my stool to go to the bathroom, completely ignoring my admirer.

Of course I’m hoping that he’ll come after me, and he does. In fact he’s on my heels and we meet in the anteroom where the bathrooms divide between men and women. Without speaking, I turn to him and kiss him once, full on the mouth. He smells great, and it takes him just a brief second to get over his surprise and return the kiss, softly at first, and then more insistently. There is nobody in the room, but the danger of someone appearing makes it all the more exciting. I press my body into his and put one hand behind his back, with the other loosely on his arm, which I stroke while kissing him. It’s clear he’s not going to turn back now, and I feel him getting hard, his cock pressing into my belly. Within twenty seconds we’re in the bathroom, my panties are down to my knees, and he’s put one of his fine hands between my legs. It feels as if it belongs there. He’s got just the right touch – not too insistent but not shy either. He’s panting now, and I feel him unzip his pants with the other hand. Yes, I want him badly too, and I’m ready for him, and I guide him inside with a quick flick of my hips. The whole thing takes maybe three minutes, and we both come at the same time with a delicious shudder. Then we draw apart with big smiles. Not a word has been said between us.

He leaves the room, I clean up and meet him back at the bar where he’s taken up the same position, with nobody else the wiser. I smell deliciously of sex and can’t stop smiling, but I refuse to look over at him, and after paying for our drinks, my girlfriend and I both get up and walk out. At the door I glance back and give a radiant smile. Needless to say, I get one back!

Thanks as always, my mystery,


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6 thoughts on “The trees are a part of you (and you are sexy): her response to The Walking Experiment”

  1. I feel such uncanny kindredness (as if thats even a word?) with Mrs X it almost makes me feel weird, her apparent sexual confidence coupled with complete bashfulness in ‘ordinary’ situations draws strange parallels with my own life. Meditative vocalisation of fantasies could be exactly what I need right now….thanks as ever Mr X for being my ‘therapy’ at the end of a hectic week. MWAH! X

    1. I think it is the unrealised potential of those ‘ordinary’ situations that can be so erotic, I was once standing on a crowded tube (subway) train in London and a shorter woman was behind me, the curve of her buttocks fitting neatly under mine as we were pushed closer together by the crush. The fact that she didn’t do the usual thing in that situation of avoiding all contact was electric, especially as I couldnt really see her.

    2. It is a bit like therapy, isn’t it?. I’m actually extremely interested in the “technique” and wonder if I’d actually be able to do it. Glad it was on your wavelength.

  2. Wow. I’m glad I’m not the only one who yearns for that almost instantaneous compulsion and mutual attraction, not only yearns for it, but yearns to actually act on it. No names, no context, no pretense, just the instinct guiding two people to do what should come naturally… and yet just talking about it can be almost an even better release in some ways. Thank you for sharing these experiments.

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