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The First International Experiment

0005Today we’re excited to begin a new series of dares with extraordinary women all over the globe. Readers Sweet Soumise in Paris and CC in Los Angeles have each asked for a monthly dare, and we’ll post their responses on Fridays throughout the month. Want to join the experiment? Just write Mr. X with your results. We dare you.

The first dare borrows from Mr. X’s first dare to Mrs. X (here’s her response). We hope you’ll be intrigued by these bold women and their lusty adventures, and please don’t hesitate to contact us with ideas for future dares. Tune in next Friday for the first response, and in the meantime, happy experimenting!

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Armed Service: Mallory’s Business Trip Experiment III

0024Reader Mallory sent me an email asking for some dares to fulfill on a business trip. I responded with a few ideas, and she used those ideas as inspiration to create quite an erotic adventure for herself. Here’s her response, the second of two parts (here’s part one). 

Day 3

I wrote these words the next morning, wildly turned on. I knew I could easily coat another pen. I closed my eyes and saw that handsome young man staring at me with those big brown eyes through those long fringes. I rubbed my pussy. I gushed with lusty, horny juices. I pushed a pen into me and rubbed my slippery and throbbing folds. I came instantly. Continue reading Armed Service: Mallory’s Business Trip Experiment III

Lashes: Mallory’s Business Trip Experiment

0004Reader Mallory sent me an email asking for some dares to fulfill on a business trip. I responded with a few ideas, and she used those ideas as inspiration to create quite an erotic adventure for herself. Here’s her response, the first of two parts. 

Day 1

I am on an adventure, and the first thing I did was to get a massage. I asked for a strong masseur and got Derek, a tall man with large hands. He slicked my body with lavender-scented oil and kneaded my tight muscles. He rubbed and pressed the tension slowly out of my body. I breathed in deep and absorbed the firm pressure he exerted on me. I breathed in deeper and took the hard force he applied with his fingers, palms, and knuckles. I breathed out and felt the soreness of my muscles, the coiled up tightness of my body, dissipate. The lavender filled my senses and led my thoughts adrift into a realm of sensuality. Continue reading Lashes: Mallory’s Business Trip Experiment

Mallory’s Business Trip Experiment

sexy business trip

Sexy, longtime blog reader Mallory wrote to me a while ago looking for adventure. She’s written here before about her sexy fantasies, so the thought of having the chance to dare her into some unspeakably erotic situations was exciting. To put it mildly. She was going on a business trip, and she wanted to test her boundaries. Instantly I was dreaming of hotel rooms, anonymous bars, and boardrooms. I was inspired, and I hoped she would be. Here’s what I wrote: Continue reading Mallory’s Business Trip Experiment

I’m Wet: the response to Anne’s Erotic Breadcrumb Experiment

0017Dear Mr. X,

Apologies for taking so long to fulfill your dare. It’s been really exciting. I didn’t leave an erotic trail all in one day as you commanded, but whenever I’m horny or make eye contact with a sexy man, I’ve been writing something down in the little Moleskin I always carry around, ripping out a page, and leaving it behind. I guess I’ve got a pretty dirty mind, or probably dirtier than average, so the writing the words don’t really make me nervous unless I’m in a super crowded place. Leaving the note behind is what’s totally nerve-racking. The moment it leaves my hand. I’m always afraid that somebody’s going to pick it right up, but once I’m clear from any immediate danger, my whole body melts, and I’m hornier than you can believe. I love it. It keeps me in the moment and feeling really sexy. I’ve had more encounters since I started doing this – not from men who found my notes, but just in general. I think it just comes across to people that I’ve got sex on the mind. It’s given me a lot of confidence, and I’ve started dressing sexier, and I get a lot of pleasure from that. Just being aware of my body in slinkier dresses that hopefully make you look twice and think, Hmm. Maybe one of these days I’ll send you a picture of me being slinky.

As instructed, here are a few situations I’ve gotten into, what I wrote and how it made me feel. Continue reading I’m Wet: the response to Anne’s Erotic Breadcrumb Experiment

Experimental Advice: Living Like You’re Fucking

0001Readers of the blog and our steamy social network often write in asking for tips on how to make sex more daring. These readers are occasionally single and looking for a creative spark, but most often they’re in a relationship and searching for ways to introduce new sexual possibilities into their relationships. With that in mind, today we’re debuting an occasional column called  Experimental Advice. From time to time I’ll post e-mails I’ve received from readers looking for advice and willing to post.

Before we begin, I should probably state the obvious: I have no qualifications for advising anyone about anything. But I love sex and possibilities and articulate strangers, and I’ll respond to questions as best I can (send me one at I imagine our adventurous readers will also share their thoughts in the comments section, adding some erotic insights of their own.

Today’s e-mail comes from Michael, who lives in the U.K. Let’s have fun. Continue reading Experimental Advice: Living Like You’re Fucking

Friday Fantasy: Cyclocross Sex

cyclocrossHere’s a dirty cycling fantasy from reader ellariasand, which includes this sentence – “I might not be the best at off-camber handling, but I can still navigate other types of curves.” – and then gets really, really hot. Let her know your thoughts in the comments section, and enjoy!

Almost a year since the original bicycle experiment, I’ve found a new object of lust. Odds of ensnaring him are rather low, but he is rather flirtatious online and has a reputation of being a bit of a heartbreaker.

I’m getting ahead of myself.

After a few drinks with some of my bike shop friends, I somehow agreed to join the shop’s cyclocross team. Of course, I had no idea what this agreement meant, but let me just say that cyclocross is a level of pain/crazy reserved only for the most masochistic. Ride as hard as possible in short intervals, but with the stamina to last the full race and maneuver around tricky curves…. Yeah, you see where I’m going with this. Continue reading Friday Fantasy: Cyclocross Sex

Friday Fantasy: Tasting Her

0021Here’s a tasty pickup fantasy (fantasy?) from reader Adam. Let him know your thoughts in the comments section, and enjoy!

I was beginning to tire of my trips to Vancouver to oversee the turnaround of one of my business units. I love the city, but the work was prohibiting my enjoyment of it. Normally, after a long day and a seemingly longer dinner, I would simply go back to my hotel room and crash. However, on this night something was drawing me out. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but I decided to go with it.

After freshening up in my hotel room, I ventured out into the early night. I left my suit on, but ditched the tie. The sun had set, but it was a nice, warm autumn night. I paused for a moment to take in the magnificent view of the mountains that surround the city. I found what appeared to be a hip looking bar one block from my hotel. I settled into a spot at the center of the bar, ordered a pint of one the city’s great local brews and glanced up toward the array of televisions above, hoping that a game of some sort would catch my attention. The crowd was lively but not rowdy for a Thursday. Continue reading Friday Fantasy: Tasting Her

Anne’s Erotic Breadcrumb Experiment

0006One of the biggest kicks I get from The Sex Experiment is exchanging emails with readers. Some come from the friends I’ve made on the site’s social network, which I affectionately think of as “The Orgy” (infinitely better than “Facebook”, if you ask me), and others come from readers who simply email me directly. Sometimes men will write in. Sometimes they’ll even ask for dares, but generally we’ll share experiences or exchange ideas on specific erotic situations. More often it’s women who write, and they’re more likely to ask for a dare. I tend to keep the dares fairly modest, but most of these women I never hear from again (although some wonderfully sexy ones prove to be exceptionally adventurous). I understand: if I were on the other end of some of these emails, I don’t know if I would be anywhere near as brave as others have been. But no matter how daring, no matter how much contact I have with the reader, I’m consistently amazed by the intelligence of the emails I receive. They’re thoughtful and extraordinarily well written. Scientific conclusion: sex makes people smarter. And I’m not sure I’m kidding. Somebody needs to do a study. Volunteers? Continue reading Anne’s Erotic Breadcrumb Experiment

Surprised by Lust: the result of Mona’s Sexy Suntan Experiment

0015We are constantly learning desire. I’m thinking of Mona realizing for the first time in her life that she might like to watch, rather than always being the one who’s watched. Seeing a beach club waiter ogle her friend’s naked body, she was surprised to find that she’d like to watch that friend getting fucked. And Mona’s new desire teaches me something new about her. She’s always been sexy to me, both in our occasional real-world contacts, and especially in our secret e-mail adventures, but she’s also been slightly comic to me, somewhat of a sexual caricature, charming because she was always aware of the outrageous role she was playing. But now I imagine her watching her busty friend fucking a tanned stranger. I imagine Mona fully clothed, her eyes wide with attention as she watches, curled into a chair, her nipples hard through a modest shirt, her mouth slightly open, her knees gently pressing against one another….

And I am wildly, dangerously excited. I imagine we might go to rich, dark places together. Her new desire opens a new desire in me. Continue reading Surprised by Lust: the result of Mona’s Sexy Suntan Experiment